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Thoses scripts and templates will allow you to create statistics for wifi interfaces on a Linux host. Only wifi specifics parameters will be graphed as traffic can be done by others methods. You will be able to see :

The values are gather from output of iwconfig command. Listing of interfaces is from /proc/net/wireless pseudo file.

This is my first attempt to create some templates for Cacti. So use it at your own risks :)
Please report every bug, problems or patchs.



  1. Copy script_queries/wifiStatistics.xml script_queries directory
    cp script_queries/wifiStatistics.xml /usr/share/cacti/resource/script_queries/
  2. Copy scripts/ file to your scripts directory
    cp scripts/ /usr/share/cacti/site/scripts/
  3. Import the XML files from the templates directory


  1. Select a "Device" with some wifi interfaces
  2. Add the "Linux - Wifi Statistics" "Data Query" to it
  3. In the "Create New Graphs" for this host, choose the "Wifi Interface" and the "graph type" and click "create" screenshot screenshot
  4. Wait a little and see your new graphs


Send me an email at buggerone (at) gmail (dot) com
You can also see the announce in the cacti forums