Domain Test Procedure Comment 0.2RC1
Configuration Check default values On a fresh Install, go to configuration window and check if every parameter is set to default value : port: 1234, Theme: default, Width/Height: 200, colums: 3, Logging: Errors, Biotrate: 32, Control: Yes
Change port Change port, restart wabarok, check that it's listening on the new one
Change theme Change theme, check if the new theme is applied A new theme has to be created :(
Change Width/Height Set it to 100, check that pictures are smaller
Change number of colums Set it to 2, check that now collection is displayed on 2 cols
Change log level Set it to debug, check that their is every sql request. Set it to Warning, check that only few messages are displayed wabarok needs to be restarted after this change
Change bitrate Set it to 8, check that streamed music is awfull. Set it to 96, check that you can listen quite good one Should be a good idea to check the bandwith on the streaming machine
Change Control Change remote control to No, check that no more add to playlist and remote panel is shown
Change via text file Stop wabarok, change some parameters in the text file, start wabarok, check if they are change in GUI
Collection display Check DB create a database with a few songs and artists. It should have thoses caracteristics : covers from file in dir and from amazon; have a ', a " in name; some songs has no album, songs without artists. Navigate the collection and check if everything is ok Should use some free song from jamendo?
check mysql/sqlite change the db configuration and repass the above test
Streaming over Internet Stream a file Click on a song, check if it's completly streamed Check that you get filename/file size
reencode a file Click on the re-encod icon, check if it's re-encoded and streamed at low bitrate
multi-user Try to access and stream 2 differents songs from 2 differents clients at the same time
amaroK remote command Check add to playlist Try to add an album to playlist from album display, check if it's added to amaroK playlist
Check add to playlist Add an album to playlist from artist album list, check if it's added to amaroK playlist
Check add to playlist add a song to playlist, check if it's added to amarok playlist
Clear playlist with a full amaroK playlist, click on clear playlist, check if the playlist is now empty
play/pause click on play/pause (many times) check if amarok is responding to command
stop try to stop amarok playlist with the stop button
prev/next navigate into amaroK playlist with prev and next buttons
Security verify jail try to access file all over the filesystem by changing the url. Need to do some base64 encoding