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The 7150plus is a Digital Multimeter from Solartron with GPIB capabilities.

Spec :
  • AC & DC voltage ranges 0.2V to 1000V (5 ranges, true RMS on AC)
  • Resistance ranges 2.0kohm to 20Mohm (5 ranges)
  • DC current to 2A, ac current to 2A
  • Temperature measurement mode (-200ºC to +600ºC)
Resources :

GPIB control

data/7150/7150r.pngI've developed a small Python/PyQt interface to the GPIB basic functions. I've mainly done that to become familiar with GPIB. See screenshot on the side (Yes I'm also playing with Inkscape :) )

  1. Start
  2. Enter the device name and click on connect
  3. click Read to update the displayed value
  4. use Input function panel to change the DMM configuration
You can browse source from svn or download a tarball

Other Software

Jörg Hau has developed a program to control this device via GPIB. It's more advanced than mine and focused on data gathering and plotting with gnuplot.

I've done a very small patch against version 20051211 to add :
  • capabilities for degrees C and F (modes 6 and 7)
  • ylabel dependent on mode (V,mA,d°C ...) instead of being always V
It can be downloaded here. To apply :
patch -p1 < s7150-degrees.patch
gcc -Wall -O2 -lgpib -o s7150 s7150.c
./s7150 -m 6 Temperature


It has been tested on a kernel 2.6.22 with linux-gpib 3.2.11.