Install of this script follow the standard procedure of all amaroK scripts.
  1. Start amaroK
  2. Go to scripts window via Tools menu : Menu Tools
  3. Click on the Install script button : Install
  4. Choose the wabaroK_xxx.amarokscript.tar.bz2 file : Choose file
  5. Choose in the list and click on Start button to start the web server : Start


When install is finished, you can access your database via your web browser. Just enter http://localhost:1234 in the address bar.
Requests to mp3 database are done via dcop interface of amaroK. So this should work with internal SQLite db or external MySQL db. (Note that no tests has been done with MySQL db)
On the left (with default theme) you have a menu : Menu


Configuration is done via a graphical user interface. It uses the kdialog application to display dialog boxes.
To start it, go to script window of amaroK select the and click on Configuration button
config menuYou will see a menu list showing all options that you can change : Default values are in ().
To change a value click on OK. A input window ask you to enter the new value click on OK to validate and you get back to the menu window with the new value. Then click on Cancel to save the values.
Thoses data are stored in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wabaroK.cfg file

Note about Database

amaroK is able to use two differents databases to store its collection : Because of some differencies in the SQL implementation of thoses two DB, wabaroK needs to know which one is configured. (In details, MySQL does not implement the standard SQL operator || used for string concatenation. It needs the use of concat() function)
wabaroK will try to guess which database is configured. To do that, it will search in the following list and stop at first match :
  1. amaroK config file (~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc), section Collection, value DatabaseEngine
  2. wabaroK config file (~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/wabaroK.cfg)
  3. set default value to SQLite
0 will be SQLite, 1 will be MySQL

Creating Theme

To create a new theme:

Mailing list / RSS

A mailing list for wabaroK users exists.
You can also follow the RSS feed for news about wabaroK XML.


As 0.x are not finalized version it may have a lot of bugs.
If you want to report some you can add lot of traces :