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lundi 29 mai 2006

wabaroK users mailing-list and rss

A mailing list has just been created for wabaroK users.
You can use it for support, features request, bug reports and so on.
Announces will also be send to this list.

Find more details on the wabaroK documentation page.

For announces, you can also follow the RSS feed feed-icon.

samedi 13 mai 2006

Release of wabaroK 0.2 beta 3

A new beta version has just been released.
Please, note that this is a BETA version that may be far from beeing stable.
To download it, go to the right page

Here's a full changelog since 0.1.3

  • 20060513 v0.2b3 :
    • can re-encode on the fly mp3 for low bandwidth (using lame, bitrate is configurable)
    • links to add a whole album to amaroK Playlist
    • fix regression between wabaconf and amarokdcop (dbengine is now int)
  • 20060425 v0.2b2 :
    • new link to add a song to amaroK Playlist in album page
    • fix lot of url problems with ' + " (base64 encoding)
    • fix some regressions of 0.2b1 (authorized path,...)
    • Use unified logging module for every traces (from DEBUG 0 to CRITICAL 4)
    • Mutli-thread the requests (easy to do, hard to find how !)
    • Change configuration file for a text one. Now can update it by hand
    • fix GUI for configuration using kdialog
  • 20060220 v0.2b1 :
    • fix use of a MySQL database (hum, string parameter instead of int :( )
    • fix show picture even if a ' is in album/artist name
    • show amazon covers from ~/[kdeprefix]/share/apps/amarok/albumcovers/large/ (md5)
    • fix show tracks from album even if there is no track number