A new beta version has just been released.
Please, note that this is a BETA version that may be far from beeing stable.
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Here's a full changelog since 0.1.3

  • 20060513 v0.2b3 :
    • can re-encode on the fly mp3 for low bandwidth (using lame, bitrate is configurable)
    • links to add a whole album to amaroK Playlist
    • fix regression between wabaconf and amarokdcop (dbengine is now int)
  • 20060425 v0.2b2 :
    • new link to add a song to amaroK Playlist in album page
    • fix lot of url problems with ' + " (base64 encoding)
    • fix some regressions of 0.2b1 (authorized path,...)
    • Use unified logging module for every traces (from DEBUG 0 to CRITICAL 4)
    • Mutli-thread the requests (easy to do, hard to find how !)
    • Change configuration file for a text one. Now can update it by hand
    • fix GUI for configuration using kdialog
  • 20060220 v0.2b1 :
    • fix use of a MySQL database (hum, string parameter instead of int :( )
    • fix show picture even if a ' is in album/artist name
    • show amazon covers from ~/[kdeprefix]/share/apps/amarok/albumcovers/large/ (md5)
    • fix show tracks from album even if there is no track number